Also Known As:

Prinya R.nont

Occupation and Related Activities

  • Brand Identity Design Consultant
  • Designer of Thai digital fonts
  • Writer, Type Design Professional, Guest Lecturer
  • Speaker on Thai typography, design forms and uses.
Prinya Rojarayanont
The OXELI Inventor


  • Co-founder of Dear Book Co.,Ltd.
  • Numerous design and graphic works including Calendars, Reports, Profiles for clients in government and private sector.
  • The first Thai design firm to create its own digital fonts
  • Founder of DB designs Co.,Ltd
  • Continuous improvements and new designs of the DB family of Thai fonts, which are marketed to the local graphic art professionals.
  • Several awards for excellence in calendar design including designs in honour of the King category, and enviro-social awareness category
  • Typographic Excellence Award from the Type Directors Club. USA, 2005 for design of font DB Santipap.
  • Silpathorn Award Winner 2009
  • OXELI CHESS ('Bright Brain' Creative Art and Design Exhibition, 24th November - 26th December 2010, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre


Mr.Prinya Rojarayanont and Prof. Dr. Apinan Poshayananda, Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture

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