1. Use numerals to indicate the move number for both players, followed by a period. Record the each player's move; separate them by a comma. Begin a new line for the next move and continue recording in the same manner.
  2. To denote a move, use the characters O, X, E, L, I to represent , , , and followed by indicating the coordinates of the destination square, either vacant or occupied by a piece to capture. In case of a move, the piece designation (dot or period) can be omitted; simply indicates the coordinates of the destination or capturing square. Use the character Q to denote a promoted or , which moves and captures in same manner as the Queen of international chess.
  3. The coordinates are in pairs with column number followed by row number.
  4. n the case the destination square can be reached by either of two pieces --, , and -- it is necessary to record the coordinates of the piece actually moved, followed by the coordinates of the destination.
  5. A check is indicated by a + mark after the destination coordinates.
  6. A move resulting in checkmate is indicated by a ++ mark after the destination coordinates.


  • Download and Install the font named "OXELI Diagram"
  • Set the leading value before keying in any notation. Use the same leading size as the font size you intend to use.

  • For Rows, type 8 for the topmost row, and continue downwards to 1 for the bottom row. For Columns, type 1 for the leftmost column. Proceed to the right, to 8 for the rightmost column.

  • Bear in mind that the leftmost square of a row is to be either White or Black, as follows.
    Even-numbered rows (8, 6, 4, 2), the leftmost square is White.
    Odd-numbered rows (7, 5, 3,1), the leftmost square is Black.
  • To type a White square, press the [ key.
    To type a Black square, press the ] key.

Positive pieces:
  Press o to obtain
Press x to obtain
Press e to obtain
Press l to obtain
Press i to obtain
Press . to obtain
Press q to obtain
Negative Pieces: (Hold down the Shift key and use the same method as that for the positive pieces)
  Press O to obtain
Press X to obtain
Press E to obtain
Press L to obtain
Press I to obtain
Press > to obtain
Press Q to obtain

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